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Discover Arabian Airlines

Arabian was founded in 2001 by Mahmoud Fadli. The purpose of the company is to create affordable air travel links between the airline’s main hub in Amman, Jordan and the rest of the world. The airline intends to operate regional and intercontinental routes worldwide. The airline is part of the GlobalOne Virtual Airline Alliance, which it founded in 2006. Arabian operates only on the VATSIM Network due to the increased standards and realism it offers.
While a virtual airline, Arabian is also a growing and evolving business proposal that intends to seek funding in hopes of starting up in the real world.

Discover Aria Airways

We're a boutique airline based in New Zealand and Australia. We operate a varied, state of the art fleet both domestically and internationally. Our purpose is to have as much fun as we can while enjoying what we love to do the most: fly. We're proud to offer our members a custom-tailored crew portal, a state of the art ACARS platform, and a top of the line website. More importantly, we're proud to have built a world-class community based on friendships and mentorship. We've landed here with a common interest and our hope is to turn that interest into a common bond.

Discover Cloud9

Cloud9 Airlines started as an idea for a new, fictional, low cost virtual airline back in 2016. After much debate between our two founders, Hunter Rubin (COO) and Andrew Johnson (CEO), it was decided that Cloud9 would become a premium airline operating a mixed fleet of Boeing 737’s and Embraer 175’s to allow us the flexibility to serve destinations both large and small. With a new fleet and mission, it was decided we needed a new logo and livery to reflect our new premium airline status and with the help of Emiliano Rujano.

Discover Roraima Airlines

Roraima Airlines is Venezuelan virtual airline with its main headquarters at Simón Bolívar International Airport (SVMI) and International headquarters at Arturo Merino Benítez Airport (SCEL), which seeks to connect the world of virtual skies, through transportation of passengers and parcels at national and international level; all this hand in hand with the latest technology to guarantee the safety and comfort of the passenger who chooses us. Roraima Airlines aspires to be the number one air transport company in the country, reflecting its excellence and quality in the services it offers, in each of its flights.