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The GlobalOne Alliance is the worlds most successful Virtual Airline Alliance and the largest active codesharing community for Flight Simulator. Established by Arabian Airlines in 2006, GlobalOne aims to connect the finest and best Virtual Airlines in a single network, providing our member pilots with a rich and vibrant network to fly. GlobalOne is a prestigious Alliance priding itself in high quality.

Platforms we support

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
Microsoft Flight Simulator X


We ❤️ aviation, and we want to share our passion!

A Vibrant Community

GlobalOne Alliance operates an integrated forum system. This means that many of our members forums are hosted on one platform allowing for easy collaboration between member pilots and building a stronger community. We have invested a lot of time in building a powerful and versatile forum system powered by the Invision Powerboard software.

Codesharing Heaven

GlobalOne Alliance members are based around the world and operate a global network of flights on a wide variety of aircraft. As an alliance member you can codeshare any of these flights and allow your pilots to experience new corners of the world and increase your variety of aircraft available for pilots to fly. This kind of integration will help you build a more loyal pilot base strengthening your airline and our alliance.

Global Operation

Our airline and our staff are situated all around the globe. From London to Kuala Lumpur, we are a diverse group of individuals with a single vision of creating the best virtual airlines available. Our common goals and commitment to professionalism make our alliance strong and versatile. By joining GlobalOne you become part of a global network and a global operation.

A Global Brand

GlobalOne was established in 2006 and has since been recognisable as the first successful virtual airline alliance. By becoming a member you are becoming a member of a trusted global brand which stands for quality, professionalism and commitment. We are recognised officially by Vatsim and our strong brand is recognised by many pilots.

A dedicated team!

Our team have been working with GlobalOne from its very inception. With over a decade of service and vast experience in the industry, we are here to stay for the long term! We also have valuable insights to how the aviation industry works and can bring this experience to GlobalOne.

Real pilots for virtual pilots

Many of us fly professionally, and we know the excitment and struggles of starting from scratch. We love the aviation community, and want to make it better. GlobalOne is here to support new pilots through our partners. We ❤️ aviation, and we want to share our passion!

Our Purpose

The GlobalOne Virtual Airline Alliance was founded in 2006 through a joint initiative by alMirath Arabian Airlines and (now defunct) Western Virtual Airlines. The Alliance’s goal was to bring together the world’s fictional, fictional and original virtual airlines and build the world’s first “stand alone” Alliance on the VATSIM Network. The Alliances prides itself on three principles: originality, realism, and excellence. Proudly flying on and supporting only the VATSIM Network, the GlobalOne Alliance prides itself on ensuring all of its member airlines operate to the highest standards and give their pilots the best, most realistic experience available.

As a “stand alone” Alliance, GlobalOne seeks to revolutionize how Alliances operate. By enforcing a strict member airline only codesharing and partnership scheme, airlines are allowed only to partner with other member airlines. This creates a sense of exclusivity, and with limited exception to codeshare with non partner airlines for a six month trial period and a mandatory application to the alliance by the non-Alliance member, the Alliance enjoys unique opportunities to expand its coverage and open new markets to existing members.

Member airlines are required to maintain a realistic operation in a “single market sector,” meaning that airlines should identify with one specific network. As a prime example, alMirath Arabian Airlines operates out of the Middle Eastern market sectors from Dubai, Amman and Beirut. Member Airline Roraima operates out of the Venezuelan sector, covering the South American market and international routes to and from Venezuela for the Alliance. Airlines are independent, although they are required to operate within the GlobalOne Alliance requirements.

Our awesome partners we have the pleasure to work with!