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One Globe, One Alliance | Connecting Worlds, Connecting People | Pioneering for over 15 years

Celebrating 15 Years GlobalOne Alliance

15 Years ago GlobalOne Alliance was established with the mission of connecting world class virtual airlines, and creating a platform to share expertise and promote aviation and help grow the virtual aviation community. GlobalOne is the worlds first and most successful virtual airline alliance.

One Globe, One Alliance / Connecting Worlds, Connecting People

Our mission has always been about promoting global cooperation and equality. This is at the heart of our alliance. Our members are located all around the world, from London to San Francisco and beyond. Our slogan One World, One Alliance promotes unity, we are all connected by our passion for aviation.

An evolving brand

GlobalOne enjoys a widely recognised brand amongst many virtual airline pilots. As the alliance has evolved over the years, various refinements have been made to our brand identity, whilst always staying true to the original design. The design is simple, but effective. A simple blue orb representing one globe, containing our very name G1 (GlobalOne). Our logo represents our mission, to unify, educate and promote aviation around the world and to reach as many enthusiasts as possible.

Always pioneering

GlobalOne has a pioneering and innovating spirit. We are not afraid to try new ideas, and challenge the status quo. We launched at a time when virtual airlines were becoming more common, and platforms such as phpVMS were only just emerging. We helped many virtual airlines grow and build a large pilot user-base, and pioneered in various fields. Over the last 15 years, we have undergone many transformations. We are the first virtual airline group, to launch iOS apps, which have now evolved into a EFB solution available to our pilots allowing them to have a truly paperless cockpit.

Changing livery designs

GlobalOne Alliance members are based around the world and operate a global network of flights on a wide variety of aircraft. Our livery has also kept evolving, with some members adding a unique spin. Our members are based at hubs all around the world, with adding their little flair to our livery celebrating the diversity of our members.

An evolution on the web

Our website has undergone various transformations. From a simple HTML website to Web 2.0, we have grown and evolved with the rest of the inter-webs. And as with all things, we have also had our awkward design phase with some rather questionable design quirks.

A professional and dedicated team

Our team compromises of a vast array of experience in the aviation field. We have professional instructors, turbo-prop pilots and jet pilots on our team. Our team is here to promote a professional environment which is welcoming to aviation enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. Our members pride themselves in promoting and educating aviation enthusiasts giving them the power to develop their virtual flying hobby.

The next 15 years...

It's an incredible achievement to be here after 15 years. We will continue to pioneer in the virtual aviation world, and continue to build a world leading network of virtual airlines.

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