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GlobalOne has been connecting the world since 2006. Innovating, building relationships & breaking down barriers globally!

A few remarks about us!

GlobalOne Alliance is a Virtual Airline Alliance and as such a non-profit organisation. We do not provide any real world services, and exist as a community of like minded Flight Simulation/ Gaming enthusiasts with a keen interest in aviation. Our website should not be used for any real world aviation reference, and all information on this website should be treated as fictional. Please contact us regarding any enquiry you may have.

Management Team

Send us a message if you have any questions or queries.

Lukas M.

GlobalOne Director

Contact me regarding any general queries you may have.

Mahmoud F.

Founder / Legal

Contact me regarding any legal queries.

Our Use Of Creative Commons & Other Free Sources

Our website may use code/ images from Creative Commons Sources, and some copyright free sources. In cases where required by a CC license, we will always endeavour to provide credit to the original creator where required. As humans created this website, its possible we may have by mistake forgotten/ missed some CC credits, should this have happened then please know this was unintentional and contact us to correct this.

Our organisation is fully non-profit, we take no donations, and sell no services. We rely on the goodwill of our community for all the work here, and we are grateful to all contributors.