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Alliance Membership

Membership Benefits

  • Airline managment support
  • Real world airline staff experience
  • Website, Livery, development support
  • Active alliance community
  • Largest codesharing community
  • Frequent Vatsim events
  • Worlds most successful Virtual Alliance

The GlobalOne Virtual Airline Alliance was founded in 2006 through a joint initiative by alMirath Arabian Airlines and (now defunct) Western Virtual Airlines. The Alliance’s goal was to bring together the world’s fictional, fictional and original virtual airlines and build the world’s first “stand alone” Alliance on the VATSIM Network. The Alliances prides itself on three principles: originality, realism, and excellence. Proudly flying on and supporting only the VATSIM Network, the GlobalOne Alliance prides itself on ensuring all of its member airlines operate to the highest standards and give their pilots the best, most realistic experience available.

As a “stand alone” Alliance, GlobalOne seeks to revolutionize how Alliances operate. By enforcing a strict member airline only codesharing and partnership scheme, airlines are allowed only to partner with other member airlines. This creates a sense of exclusivity, and with limited exception to codeshare with non partner airlines for a six month trial period and a mandatory application to the alliance by the non-Alliance member, the Alliance enjoys unique opportunities to expand its coverage and open new markets to existing members.

Member airlines are required to maintain a realistic operation in a “single market sector,” meaning that airlines should identify with one specific network. As a prime example, alMirath Arabian Airlines operates out of the Middle Eastern market sectors from Dubai, Amman and Beirut. Member Airline FlyOcean operates out of the Spanish sector, covering the Spanish market and international routes to and from Spain for the Alliance. Airlines are independent, although they are required to operate within the GlobalOne Alliance requirements.


Membership Requirements Rules & Regulations

Membership Requirements

GlobalOne Alliance membership is subject to the membership requirements which may change without notice and are a fluid document. Members are obliged to ensure they are compliant with the membership requirements and good standing requirements. GlobalOne reserves the right to cancel membership without any notice.

An exhaustive list of requirements can be found in the Policies, Rules & Regulations document, this document is subject to change at any time. We review each application on its individual merits even if the applicant does meet all our entry requirements.

Below you can find a summary of our entry requirements:

  • Must be in existence for 3 months
  • Must have at least 10 active pilots
  • Must operate on the Vatsim network exclusively
  • Must own all intellectual property rights to its branding & idendity
  • Must not simulate the operation of a real world airline
  • Must have a thoroughly planned and realistic operations philosophy and a fleet of aircraft that can be justified per need and operational ability
  • Must not operate within a market which is already served by an alliance member

To begin your application process please email [email protected] and we will guide your through the application process. Please ensure you read the membership requirements which are located in the Airline Brochure or the Policies, Rules & Regulations document.

Policies, Rules & Regulations As Amended from Time To Time

Established 2006 | Last Amendment 3 September 2016

§1. Purpose of GlobalOne. The GlobalOne Virtual Airline Alliance’s purpose is to simulate the structuring and operation of an airline alliance comprised of original, virtual airline concepts that provide high quality and realistic operations to virtual pilots. The Alliance is to encourage online flying on the VATSIM Network and a high degree of pilot skill and learning ability. By bringing airlines together, GlobalOne seeks to provide a constructive and welcoming community environment whereby airlines share expertise and operational data to improve the quality of each airline’s service, and code share throughout their varied route networks to promote maximum network coverage worldwide.

§2. Minimum Entry Requirements for Airlines. For entry, a virtual airline must meet the following criteria: (a) must be in existence and operational continuously for a period of at least three (3) months; (b) must have an active pilot roster containing at least ten (10) active pilots with at least fie (5) logged flights conducted by each pilot; (c) must have at least ten (10) total flights flown per month; (d) must encourage online flying on the VATSIM network and no other network, and must not support or otherwise encourage operation on the IVAO network; (e) must have a unique and/or heavily customized website that presents the airline in a professional manner to the general public; (f) must be independently hosted, and not part of any service that simulates the operation of multiple airlines under one domain; (g) must own and operate a top level domain (TLD) as is understood in the web development industry; (h) must have customized aircraft textures of high quality available for download; (i) must support at least two of the following flight simulation platforms: FS9, FSX, P3D, XP; (j) must possess, display, and use in operations a readily identifiable, original and professional brand, and own all of the associated intellectual property rights thereto; (k) must operate legally and within all of the applicable laws in the airline’s home jurisdiction as it pertains to intellectual property, licensing, internet presence, and other relevant areas; (l) must not simulate any real world airline, defunct or operational; (m) must have a thoroughly planned and realistic operations philosophy and a fleet of aircraft that can be justified per need and operational ability; and (n) must have a readily identifiable market that does not encompass hubs placed in a manner that would either be unrealistic or unsustainable.

§3. Purpose of Entry Requirements. It is the judgment of GlobalOne that the entry requirements are meant to fulfill two purposes: (a) to ensure that the incoming or applying airline has an original airline concept evidencing prolonged thought and consideration; (b) to guarantee a unique alliance of like-minded virtual airlines that value realism and quality over quantity.

§4. New Airline Proposals. Each new airline wishing to gain entry into the GlobalOne Virtual Airline Alliance shall submit a proposal in a format of its own choosing in the English language. This proposal, at a minimum, must contain information about the airline applying for membership, its headquarters, fleet composition, staffing experience and structuring, and which market(s) it operates to and from. The proposal must be such that the GlobalOne Alliance can accurately and fairly evaluate the application to determine whether it meets the minimum entry requirements as set forth in these policies.

§5. New Airline Entry Procedures. One a proposal has been received, the proposal shall be sent to all airline representatives for discussion and a vote. This vote may occur at any time and place that GlobalOne deems appropriate. Each airline is entitled to one vote, and the Alliance Director shall be entitled to one vote as well. To gain entry, a majority of 51% or more must be achieved in favor of entry.

§5.1 Entry Procedures. The GlobalOne entry procedures have been designed to take approximately ninety (90) days. Once approved, the new airline must submit a full copy of its timetables to the Alliance Director who shall then input them to the master GlobalOne timetable. Moreover, the airline must provide GlobalOne with reasonably sized logos such that GlobalOne may place the airline’s logo on its website, and use the logo pursuant to these policies in advertising materials. The airline shall then immediately and without delay display the GlobalOne Alliance logo on its website and marketing materials, and coordinate with the Alliance Director for the issuance of a press release announcing the new airline’s membership. The airline must also, in the least operationally intrusive manner, begin placing the GlobalOne decal on all of its aircraft. The aforementioned processes and requirements must begin to be met within ninety (90) days of the vote of acceptance.

§6. Member Airline Grant of License to Use Logos and Imagery by GlobalOne. Members airlines shall grant GlobalOne a non-exclusive license to use all imagery, logos, word-marks, and other identifying material to use in advertising, promotional materials, and other materials prepared by GlobalOne on all media platforms for the duration of the airline’s membership in GlobalOne.

§7. Appointment of Alliance Director. GlobalOne shall appoint an Alliance Director who shall be tasked with the management of all Alliance affairs that do not require a vote from the airline CEOs. This includes, but is not limited to, websites, media relations, and other associated tasks. The Alliance Director, in their discretion, may propose additional staff as required, which shall be put to a vote of the airline CEOs, the consent of which shall not be unreasonably withheld. The Alliance Director shall be Lukas M..

§8. Ongoing Membership Requirements. For an airline to remain a member of GlobalOne, it must continue to meet the minimum entry requirements set forth in this policy. Additionally, member airlines must (a) maintain constant presence in GlobalOne events and discussions; (b) encourage their pilots to participate in GlobalOne Events and VATSIM online flying; (c) remain in contact with the Alliance Administrator at all times; (d) remain operational, unless a restructuring or operational/systems upgrade is in progress; (e) not expand its operational network in any fashion that would bring it into direct competition with any GlobalOne member; (f) strive wherever possible to increase cooperation with GlobalOne members; and (g) be in compliance with all policies as amended from time to time. If an airline fails to meet any of the requirements outlined herein, GlobalOne shall assist the airline in coming into compliance. If compliance is not achieved within ninety (90) days, GlobalOne shall send the airline written notice of non-compliance and demand compliance within thirty (30) days. If compliance is not met, GlobalOne may, at its sole discretion, extend the airline an extension or begin termination procedures as outlined in these policies.

§9. Legal Venue & Representation. GlobalOne operates in conjunction with the laws of the United States of America, in the State of California. GlobalOne appoints Mahmoud A. Fadli, Esq. to act as the Alliance’s legal representative, and shall forward all legal notices, correspondences, or inquiries to [email protected] without delay. This representation shall not extend to individual airlines, and shall only concern GlobalOne.

§10. Non-Member Code-Shares. GlobalOne prohibits the code-sharing between member airlines and non-member airlines unless each of the following exceptions are met: (a) the proposed code-share is between a member airline and an airline that covers an identifiable market that is not within GlobalOne’s expanded network; (b) the code-share is approved by a vote of GobalOne members. These code-shares must immediately terminate when GlobalOne begins to service the market in question by way of introducing a new member airline, or any other service that brings a GlobalOne airline into direct competition with the non-member airline.

§11. Partnerships with Non-Member Airlines. GlobalOne prohibits partnerships between member airlines and non-member airlines unless the terms of §10 above are met.

§12. Partnerships with Third Parties. GlobalOne does not prohibit partnerships between third parties, except for partnerships with IVAO entities or entities related thereto.

§13. Disputes between Member Airlines and GlobalOne. If a dispute arises between a member airline and GlobalOne, the parties shall arrange a time and place for a mediation. The mediators shall be comprised of a random selection of three uninvolved airline CEOs. Each party shall present a written document explaining their grievances and the mediators shall give each party an opportunity to be heard. Once the parties have been heard, the mediators shall render their decision, which shall be binding.

§14. Disputes between Member Airlines. If member airlines come into dispute with one another, the GlobalOne Alliance Director shall appoint two other uninterested airline CEOs to hear the dispute following the same procedures outlined in §13.

§15. Airline Member Termination by GlobalOne. Member airlines may have their membership terminated for failing to meet the requirements of these policies, and consistent with the procedures outlined in §8. Additionally, GlobalOne may terminate an airline’s membership for the following reasons: (a) airline inactivity; (b) ceasing operations; and/or (c) expanding partnerships with non-member airlines in any manner that harms airline members or causes competition with member airlines. If these reasons occur, GlobalOne shall send the airline written notice of non-compliance and demand compliance within thirty (30) days. If compliance is not met, GlobalOne may, at its sole discretion, extend the airline an extension or begin termination procedures as outlined in these policies.

§16. Member Termination Procedure. To terminate an airline’s membership, the Alliance Director must present the termination to a vote of the airline CEOs. A vote of 75% or more in favor of termination must be received in order to begin termination. Once a vote has been cast and approval is received, the terminated airline shall receive written notice of its termination, which is effective immediately. Within thirty (30) days of termination, the terminated airline must cease all code-share operations with member airlines and remove all GlobalOne logos and items from its websites and aircraft in an operationally reasonable manner. Moreover, GlobalOne shall begin removing all terminated airline logos and materials from its websites.

§17. Leaving GlobalOne. Member airlines are admitted for a duration that is permanent. However, if a member airline wishes to leave the Alliance, it may do so by complying with the following requirements (a) the airline must submit, in writing, a notice of membership termination within thirty (30) days of its anticipated termination date stating the reasons for its termination; (b) during that time, the airline must begin winding down and canceling all GlobalOne Alliance code-shares and partnership agreements and may attempt to mediate its dispute with GlobalOne to attempt to resolve the dispute. If no attempt to resolve the dispute is successful, upon the expiration of the thirty (30) day notice, GlobalOne shall remove all logos and intellectual property belonging to the airline within thirty (30) days of the airline’s termination of its membership.

§18. Policy Amendments. GlobalOne may amend these policies from time to time at the discretion of the Alliance Director subject to approval by a consensus of all airlines to the Alliance.