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GlobalOne Unique | December 10, 2019

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Arabian Airlines relaunch event

Arabian Airlines relaunch event

The Arabian Airlines relaunch event is set to begin at 0400z at OJAI on the VATSIM Network. VATSIM Jordan will be providing full ATC out of OJAI for this event. Flights will depart to Istanbul, Jeddah, Beirut and Dubai (DWC). Please join us for this wonderful occasion! Here, JY-WAA (ARB331) is preparing for its maiden voyage to Istanbul at 0400z. We have coordinated a low approach to commemorate Arabian Airlines’ relaunch after 3 years of redevelopment.

We hope to see you participate in the event! The VATSIM Jordan/Arabian Airlines OJAI Scenery can be downloaded using the following links:

The scenery works for both FSX and P3D. Download the file for FSX, and the for P3D.

Anyone interested in joining Arabian Airlines should keep an eye on this page: Virtual Pilot Applications will be accepted starting at 0445z. Only 35 vacancies are available at this time.

We hope to see you on VATSIM shortly!

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