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GlobalOne Unique | December 9, 2019

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Arabian Airlines Relaunch Update

Arabian Airlines Relaunch Update

Aerosoft A319 and FSLabs A319 to be Supported at Relaunch

Arabian Airlines is happy to announce that it has made a final determination regarding support for the Aerosoft and FSLabs addons for its anticipated relaunch in 2018.
Arabian Airlines’ rank structure will mirror type ratings, and virtual pilots flying for the airline will apply and sit for the A32S First Officer examination. The examination encompasses all A319, A320 and A321 operations. All A32S First Officer applicants and pilots will be allowed to utilize the Aerosoft A319 simulation (all versions) for scheduled operations. However, to achieve the A32S PIC (Pilot in Command) rank for Captain, pilots must own a valid copy of the FSLabs A319-X expansion upon its release.
Arabian Airlines believes that the Aerosoft A319 product is the perfect entry-level introduction to the Airbus aircraft. A32S First Officers will utilize the product to gain basic familiarity with the aircraft’s systems and control logic which will prepare them for the more advanced study-level A319-X expansion by FSLabs. However, pilots with the rank of A32S PIC (Captain) must use the A319-X expansion by FSLabs, which offers higher-fidelity flight dynamics and a far more in-depth simulation of the aircraft’s systems. A32S PIC ranked pilots will be allowed to fly shared-cockpit flights utilizing the Aerosoft A319 product with A32S First Officers and act as both the flight commander and a mentor to A32S First Officers.
The Airline hopes that this arrangement will create a learning environment that will provide pilots with the opportunity to explore the depth of both simulations. The airline hopes to reassess support for both addons six months after relaunch, and may determine to support only the FSLabs A32X series for its Airbus narrow-body operations.
Further updates will be released closer to relaunch, and contingent arrangements are being made in the event the FSLabs A319-X expansion is not released in time for the Airline’s relaunch.