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GlobalOne Unique | February 20, 2019

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Comac C919 introduced to the world

Comac C919 introduced to the world

China’s Comac has introduced their latest airliner the C919 it hopes will be its first real step into the global aviation industry currently dominated by Airbus, Boeing and Bombardier. The C919 took its inaugural flight on 5th May and is yet to be certified by both Europe’s EASA and the America’s FAA. The aircraft’s wings, fuselage are all Chinese made, however it boasts electronics and engines from western manufactures including General Electric and Honeywell. Its hoped the 158 seat (2-class) aircraft will directly compete with the well proven A320 and B737, both of which have recently undergone significant upgrades with the A320 Neo and the B737 Max. Comac currently expects around 500 orders all of which come from domestic airlines.

C919 Specs:

Length 38.9 m 127.6 ft
Wingspan 35.8 m 117.5 ft
Height 11.95 m 39.2 ft
Passenger 168 (1-class)158 (2-class)
Range (Standard) 4,075 km 2,200 nm
(Extended Range) 5,555 km 3,000 nm
Cruising Speed M0.785
Approach Speed 135 knots
Takeoff Field Length 2,000 m (Standard) 2,200 m (Extended Range)
Landing Field Length 1,600 m
Maximum Payload 20,400 kg 45,000 lb
MTOW 72,500 kg (Standard)77,300 kg (ER) 159,835 lb (Standard)170,417 lb (ER)
Maximum Landing Weight (MLW) 66,600 kg 146,828 lb
Maximum Fuel Weight (MFW) 19,560 kg 43,122 lb
Maximum Passenger Payload 16,120 kg 35,539 lb
Operating Empty Weight (OEW) 42,100 kg 92,815 lb

Spec Source: Aspire Aviation