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GlobalOne Unique | December 10, 2019

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Aerosoft Airbus Updates

Aerosoft Airbus Updates

Airbus Extended X from Aerosoft is getting some major updates this summer. The developers have also officially confirmed that an Airbus A330 is in the works, although no release schedule is available.

Below is their Release:

We want to simulate the work of the pilot and fully focus on the left seat. We have little interest in systems if they are not used in every flight such as failures. We feel that if a A320 system has only been used one time in millions of flight hours (like the Ram Air Turbine and many others) it has little little to do with flying an Airbus. We are NOT simulating a big simulator used for training non standard procedures.

The project is intended to be a medium complexity, medium priced product, adding many features that are not in other aircraft or only possible in combination with other add-ons. Features as a complete automated checklist system that allows even novice pilots to use the complete systems, RAAS and Precipitation radar add functionality that we feel is more important than the MCDU pages even real pilots do not recognize (and yes there are many of those!). By working this way we can keep framerates up and the price down. So when you compare this product to competing products do compare it with products in the same price range.

As you can see the names have been simplified:

Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319  32.69€(39,99€ incl EU VAT when applicable)   planned for this summer
Aerosoft Airbus A320/A321 32.69€(39,99€ incl EU VAT when applicable)   planned for early fall
Aerosoft Airbus A330    32.69€(39,99€ incl EU VAT when applicable)   no scheduled date yet

Upgrade from Airbus X Extended -> Airbus A320/A321                           12,11€(14,95€ incl EU VAT when applicable)
Upgrade from Airbus X Extended -> Airbus A318/A319                           16.16€(19,95€ incl EU VAT when applicable)
Upgrade from Airbus X Extended Airbus -> A320/A321 + A318/A319      20,95€(24,26€ incl EU VAT when applicable)
cross update Airbus A320/A321 <-> Airbus A318/A319                          12,11€(14,95€ incl EU VAT when applicable)



Because most of the core systems have been changed totally it is NOT possible to update the old products. This was our initial plan but unfortunately no longer an option.

New features

Modeling, features, Diverse

  • Tiller can be operated with FSX axis
  • Rudder Pedal (Wheel) Disconnect button added
  • External Model Lighting system updated (all lights now reflect on ground)
  • Reverse Animation now fixed on idle reverse.
  • Baro Display now memorizes the selection on selecting STD and restore it when deselecting
  • APU now non standard, correct spool-up times)
  • CPDLC gauge added (no code behind it, waiting for VATSIM and IVAO)
  • Updated sound module (now APU sound possible in external view etc)
  • Added a ACFT THRUST BUMP option in Right MCDU for more (but unrealistic) thrust on takeoff
  • FMA LOC Annunciation come much later now
  • APU changed to non standard FSX. Proper startup times now is correctly simulated
  • Fixed a issue where spool up may severely lag after using reverse during landing
  • Tweaked ATHR Spool parameters to reduce sensitivity
  • Secondary sound set
  • All versions delivered with Airac 1406
  • VC updated to reduce draw calls
  • Fully redone ISIS (Standby Instrument)
  • Saving and loading of FSX situations now saves and loads system state automatic
  • Ground behavior (drag, braking action) realistic without need to tweak FSX
  • Brake module redone to supply realistic brake temperatures (now models Goodrich Carbon brakes) and braking action depending on runway condition
  • GPU moved to another location
  • Wheel chocks reduced in size
  • Fire tests now fully included


  • Steep Approach possible
  • Fixed: pitch jerk on ALT*
  • Fixed: 2 AP remain engaged on Go Around during ILS Approaches


  • Redone in FPS friendly Direct 2D
  • Now handles both engine types
  • Engine and APU Fire Test Added
  • N. WHEEL STRG DISC appears when pushback added
  • Fixed: ECAM page that automatically become de-selected after a while
  • Fixed: T.O INHIBIT only appears after 80 knots


  • Terrain display added
  • Funtional (!) Precipitation radar added (TILT, GAIN, SYS1 controls) compatible with default FSX/P3d weather, Aidata limited – Ideal Flight Augmented, Aidata Limited – Ideal Flight 10, Hifi Tech – Active Sky 2012, FSGLOBAL Weather, Rolling Cumulus Software – weather themes, REX – REX Essential w/overdrive, AFS Design – Sky & Clouds fsx, Equinox IT – Fsclimate, HIFI Sim – ActiveSky Evolution, SL – Real Sky Pro Edition, FSOPEN – Open Clouds, Hanse Coders – FSRealwex Lite, Opus Software – OPUSFSX, Pilots -FS Global Real Weather, FSREALWX – XPrealwx Clouds, FS Meteo – FS Meteo, Just Flight – FS Global Real Weather, VATSIM pushed weather, IVAO pushed weather. Compatibility with weather tools that do not adhere to SDK standards (like ASN) is considered but not guaranteed.


  • DIR TO ABEAM, OUT/IN Radial added
  • TMPY FPLN Added
  • FIX INFO Page Added
  • OFFSET Added
  • Pseudo Symbols such as Start of Climb and Level Off Added
  • Refinements to LNAV Control Laws to make smoother turns
  • Fixed: some INCPT issues
  • Fixed: Multi-threaded now to remove FSX freezes when selecting a page.
  • Fixed: Font Issue with Zero Fixed.

Right MCDU

There are many many new features in the checklist and other options controlled from the right MCDU. We’ll mention some of the most exiting ones here (see more in another post)

  • All PF and PnF voices now in several languages (checklists in accented English etc)

Being considered, not confirmed

  • EGTS, Electric taxi option

Aerosoft states that the new features list is still fluid and will change before launch, you can read more on the aerosoft forum.

Source: Aerosoft