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  1. So, dovetail have released FSW as an early access version. Im still flying on FSX and am still undecided which platform I should commit my flying future to P3D or FSW. Your thoughts?
  2. Starline Airways B777

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  3. VIP 747 at LYS including the full red carpet treatment .
  4. So according to this fselite post P3D v4 will be 64BIT meaning we will finally be able to get more than 4GB of ram dedicated for the sim and scenery. A scenery developer also hinted at a new lighting engine and possibly updated physics. The main question remains about the compatibility of existing add-ons, the developer has hinted the majority of his work, however there was no mention which he was referring to, whether these where sceneries, aircraft or other. This will finally mean a big step forward for all those still flying on FSX and will offer at least for me a compelling reason to ditch FSX and move on . Source: https://fselite.net/news/prepar3d-v4-coming-soon-beta-new-lighting-engine-64-bit-releasing-soon/
  5. So we are currently testing mobile applications for our forum, and today we welcome our new Android app. You can now access, browse and post to the GlobalOne Community using either iOS or Android apps, both are completely free! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tapatalk.globalonealliancecomcommunity&hl=en_GB
  6. The aerosoft CRJ looks really promising! Its great to see some new high quality regional jets coming through. Id love a new Avro RJ, the Just Flight one flies like a brick.
  7. What FS releases (FSX/ P3D/ XP11) are you looking forward to the most? As a big Airbus fan I can't wait for the A330 to be released from aerosoft, hopefully they finally complete the development and let us fly some circuits in it this year. Reading from the forums, the renders look very promising, so far and going by the quality of the A320 series, I have big expectations.
  8. Do you have the FSFX A320 Family Immersion installed? The lighting effects looks incredible.
  9. Welcome back everyone! The new and improved GlobalOne Community is back, featuring member forum boards, photo galleries and a new download centre. If you are a GlobalOne Airline pilot and want access to your airlines forum, then have a look at our post here on how to join those boards. We are also currently testing native dedicated apps for our forums. You can currently access our forums using your iPhone & iPad devices, by downloading our app on iTunes here. We are also looking at launching an Android version of this app, however this will depend on how popular the iOS versions are. The test period will be for 3 months, and if these apps are popular they will be here to stay. We hope you join our forums & join the discussions, if theres anything you feel is missing or would like to see, then don't hesitate and give us your feedback!
  10. A very warm welcome to GlobalOne Community ! This is GlobalOne Central, the place where all our member airlines come together to form one big community. Here you will find our member airlines forums, and have the opportunity to network and interact with pilots from around the world. We hope you join the conversations, and perhaps make some new friends. Im a pilot of a GlobalOne Airline, but can't see their forums? The following airlines operate their own boards on the forums: Arabian Virtual, Air Malaysia, belOcean Group and Spark Virtual. If you wish to access these boards make sure you are a registered pilot with a valid Pilot ID. This Pilot ID must be entered in your profile information, an airline moderator will then verify your Pilot ID and give you access to the boards. To update your Pilot ID: 1. Select your username in the top right hand corner, and select "Profile". 2. On your profile select "Edit Profile" and under Alliance Members enter your relevant Pilot ID's for the airlines you are a Pilot of. You can update this any time. How do user titles work? When you join GlobalOne community you will see that your user title/ rank is "Wright Flyer". Instead of ranks, we chose to go with aircraft which mark major milestones in aviation history, such as the Wright Brothers Wright Flyer which was the first successful heavier-than-air powered aircraft. Below you can find a table with all the user titles/ ranks you can unlock. The aircraft are in no particular order, and if you think were missing something, let us know . Title: Posts Required: Reputation Badges: You can earn reputation badges by posting content others like. - Starter badge 0 likes - Good badge 50 likes - Excellent badge 100 likes - Outstanding badge - 250 likes Badges are made using CC licensed content: https://thenounproject.com/search/?q=pilot+wings&i=557169 https://thenounproject.com/term/captains-hat/193329/ Code of conduct: We are a global community which touches many different countries and cultures, so please be respectful towards others and never post anything that others may find offensive. Such content will be deleted and you will be suspended. Do not post/upload any copyrighted material and do not post links to any copyrighted material, we do not condone piracy and support fair pay for developers work. One account rule. Every user may only have one account with GlobalOne Community. If you wish to change your username please contact a forum administrator. We do not condone spam of any kind. Users posting spam will be immediately blocked with all their content deleted and their IP permanently blocked from the forums. GlobalOne reserves the right to cancel/ delete anyones account it sees fit without notice and without providing any reasons. Disclaimer: GlobalOne Alliance is a group of Virtual Airlines working together to form a global community. We do not provide any real world services, we do not charge or collect donations from any of our members. Everything you see here is a labour of love. If you have any concerns or questions please contact a forum administrator or email [email protected] More information on Virtual Airlines can be found here.
  11. until
    Non GlobalOne Event. (GlobalOne Representative Attendance is TBC) For those in the UK VATSIM UK is organising a get together in London. More details below and online (https://connexion.vatsim.net). The Convention Connexion 2017 will take place on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th July 2017. There will also be an informal social gathering on the evening of Friday 28th July. On Saturday morning event registration will be 9am to 10am with an opportunity to meet other members over refreshments before the convention starts. On Sunday afternoon organised events will draw to a close by 3pm to allow those who need to travel to do so, but the venue will be available for members wishing to remain on site and socialise until 5pm. The Organisers Connexion 2017 is organised by a group of members from the UK, supported by members of VATSIM’s Board of Governors. This is undertaken with no remuneration from the ticket price and we will ourselves be purchasing tickets like every other attendee. We are intentionally creating this event with a broad appeal and will bring more members into the organising team to compliment our experience on the network. In addition to this, VATSIM hosts a global convention semi-regularly. The purpose of these is to bring together as many of our members as possible in one venue, over one weekend, to share our experiences of VATSIM, network and learn about new developments on VATSIM and across the flight simulation community.
  12. Cleared for take-off, GlobalOne Community Launch is on Saturday 21st January .
  13. Delivering a A320 for africanwings, taking off from DXB.

    © africanwings

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