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Arabian Airlines




Welcome to the Arabian Airlines Message Boards. These boards are reserved exclusively for Arabian Airlines pilots and personnel. All discussions must be relevant to the airline’s day to day activities, operations, business practices, or similar.

Board Rules

  1. All members must treat one another with respect.
  2. No profanity will be tolerated.
  3. All topics must be relevant to Arabian Airlines.
  4. Advertising of any kind is prohibited.
  5. Offering any product for sale is prohibited.

Any adverse actions taken against any pilot or personnel will be reflected on the member’s official personnel file. These forums are moderated at all times.



  1. General Forum

    This is the general forum. All topics not related to operations and screenshots can be posted here. Company news will also be posted in this forum.

  2. Operations Forum

    All operational questions and requests go here.

  3. Screenshot Forum

    Post your screenshots here. You never know, you may find them on our Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, website, and/or Instagram account! By posting your screenshots in this forum, you are giving Arabian Airlines permission to reuse them on our media accounts. We will, of course, credit the author.